road trip croatie 15 jours

Our first road trip … With a fantastic roading system and a beautiful coastline, a road trip in Croatia is highly recommended. Nous avions déjà eu la chance de découvrir la Croatie il y a plus de 5 ans lors de notre premier road trip … Three days in Pula is sufficient in order to be able to see all of the incredible sites that the city has to offer while also giving you time to take a day trip or two. If you have more time to spend than just one week in Croatia, then you have a lot of options available to you. Take a free walking tour of the city to get your bearings before venturing out to discover its thriving street art scene, take in a few of the city’s interesting museums, eat at some of its world-class restaurants, and experience some Zagreb’s bustling nightlife. It is worth knowing that many restaurants and tourist attractions are closed in the winter due to low demand. When not taking the motorway, the condition of the secondary roads was reasonable. Whether you are up for a stroll, needing a swim to cool off, or just want to sit and take in the view, this is the place to be. Located in the north of the Dalmatia region, Zadar doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention it deserves with so many tourists only setting their sites upon Split and Dubrovnik. Hostel Mali Mrak — This locally-run hostel is one of the best places to stay in Zagreb if you’re travelling solo or on a budget. On the second day, take to the car and head inland to visit some of the most picturesque hill towns in Istria. We like to stay at least 3 nights in each location if we can. If you want to see the sights with a local company, we suggest you check out what is on offer with Viator. Supermarkets can be found in even the smallest of towns, with roadside stalls of honey and fruit when in season. Walk around the harbour, stop in for a drink at one of the many seaside cafes, and even climb the bell tower of St Euphemia’s Church. The city has Roman ruins you can wander through and even park your car next to. Check out Travellerspoint to map your journey. Spend the next day taking advantage of all of the great things to do in Split. Click here to see their latest prices, Not quite what you’re looking for? The most logical place to start this 7-day Croatia itinerary is in the vibrant capital of Zagreb. The Church of Our Lady of Sinj is also visited by pilgrims. Hope this helps! On vous a concocté un petit itinéraire pour découvrir ce fantastique pays en 15 jours. Like many Balkan countries, Croatia doesn’t have an advanced train system and the majority of inter-city transport is dominated by the humble bus. Croatia is a wonderful country with so many beautiful towns, a long coastline, and a rich history. So much to see. This is a great budget option. January end Feb beginning? The region of Istria on the Adriatic Sea gave us the feeling of the Mediterranean. Here are some of our suggestions: Airbnb – Some great options in Pula include this luxurious apartment or this private room with friendly owners. The scenery is stunning. It’s certainly much different than the cities in Dalmatia, but it’s still a fantastic place to visit and I think including it on a Croatia itinerary is important to get a feel for all sides of the country…even if you only have a short period there. The final three days on this particular 7-day Croatia itinerary should be spent in beautiful and lively Split. After enjoying the hustle and bustle of Pula and the laid-back nature and nearby hill towns of Umag, it’s time to head to the most iconic Istrian town: Rovinj. Zagreb has a gritty, artistic feel to it and has a number of interesting things to do. Nous reviendrons en Croatie découvrir Dubrovnik et d’autres îles croates 🙂 Bref, la Croatie en road trip c’est le bonheur ! 2 nights Opatija Day trips or charter a sleeping boat for a few days? Road trip en Italie (15 jours). On your second day in Rovinj and last day of this Croatia itinerary, you can either spend it laying on the beach and soaking up the bright Adriatic sun or you can hop in the car and go on another day trip. De Porec à Dubrovnik, vous pourrez avoir un bon aperçu des richesses de la Croatie … Seeing the beach at Karlobag with crystal clear water had us stopping for a break in our journey. Deciding on a swim first, we were down to the beach, where the cafes were already closed in late September. Hi Peter, sounds like you’re in the process of planning a great trip! If you want to avoid a large number of tour groups then choose the off-peak months. And to read more of the places we visited, click here Charming Towns of Istria. It is one of the highest-rated hotels in Zadar and it is a great option for those looking for a bit of luxury. Croatia has one of the most beautiful coastal roads you can experience. Where do you recommend travelling and what’s there to see. Any suggestions on a good itineraries for pre and post trip? Unlike some European coastal destinations the Croatian coast has managed to avoid the plague of seaside … Click here to see their latest prices, Not quite what you’re looking for? Also, I am a bit confused b/w taking a rental car (don’t know whether it is left or right hand drive) or taking public transport like bus or taxis. However, wherever you are coming from, a stop at Trogir is a must-see destination. Croatia is a lot bigger and has a more diverse climate than most visitors expect. Well the departures from Sućuraj are at: 06:30, 09:45, 12:15, 15:00, 18:00 and 22:00. Click here to see their latest prices, Il Giardino Luxury Rooms & Suites — If you’re looking for a little bit more luxury, then you can’t go wrong with this boutique hotel. So delicious. If you have yet to experience a canyon, then making this trip will definitely not be a disappointment. Croatia, like most European countries besides the UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus, drives on the right-hand side. Click here to browse other places in Rovinj! They have a number of room options available — from dorm beds to privates  — and a friendly and helpful staff. Airports for Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik have services to many European cities. Hope you have a great trip! Click here to see their latest prices. Hope you have a great time in Croatia! To experience more of Zadar, click to read more here Eight Must-See Sights of Zadar. Vous trouverez facilement de quoi vous loger en Croatie … If you want to visit another coastal town, Zadar will make a nice stop. A walk up to the fortress is well worth the climb, especially for the views. What airport would you suggest to fly into and what airport would you suggest to leave out of? Day 1-2: Zagreb. For instance, you can go swimming at Krka which is not allowed at Plitvice. Or you can just take in the laid-back atmosphere and hop from cafe to cafe, enjoying an espresso drink, some local wine, or even a shot of rakija or two! Hi Maggie. Traveling the coast of Croatia is often at a top speed of 80km with plenty of places to pull in and admire the views. As mentioned earlier, Plitvice Lakes is an incredibly popular place to visit and therefore, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from. Click here to browse other places in Pula! You can learn more about the National Parks here Five Day Trips from Zadar. 20 days in Croatia and neighboring countries, We are 6 active hikers booked a trip to Croatia for 10 days in early May, 20 We chose to visit Trogir as a day trip from Split. When she’s not dreaming of far-away lands, Maggie enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, Harry Potter, and coaxing stray cats into her home. We can offer insights into the smaller towns as well as what to see in places like Zadar and Split. If you spend one day exploring the old town, it is totally possible to tack on a visit to either of the cities on the second day. We passed by moonscapes, mountainside … Spend the first day exploring Umag itself and maybe take the time to visit a local vineyard for some wine tasting. 2. Car or Bus is a good option due to the impressive road system. So, if you want to take the road less travelled, take a look at this Istria itinerary: Begin your 7 days in Croatia in the historic port city of Pula. The small hill town of Bale or the lively seaside towns of Porec and Vrsar are both appealing options, as is the beautiful Lim Fjord. Paklenica National Park is recommended if you love hiking or climbing. Gilled Calamari – we love seafood and staying along the coast meant we could eat lots of fresh grilled calamari. It’s a good time to visit Dubrovnik as you can experience the city with far fewer tourists than in the high season. Like you said…there’s just so much to explore! With delicious seafood, olives, and wine, at times we felt we were perhaps still in Italy. Rijeka/Opatija. Bus connections between major cities are frequent, but they can book out early during the summer months. We do recommend renting a car for this itinerary, however, if you want to save money, a car is not necessary for the Zagreb portion of this trip. Croatia Road Trip Day 1: Zagreb. Take a boat excursion or ferry to the nearby islands of Hvar and Brac. Much like in the Classic Croatia Itinerary above, we recommend spending a night in Plitvice Lakes National Park before moving onto the coast. Après avoir rédigé pas moins de 15 articles qui retracent nos aventures en Croatie, il est temps pour moi de passer au Bilan de ce joli voyage avec un nouvel article : Road Trip > 10 jours en Croatie – Itinéraire & Budget!. This way you come away feeling rewarded and more knowledgeable about the experience. To give a little more insight into Zadar, click here for more: Eight Must-See Sights of Zadar and Five Day Trips from Zadar. Enjoy the finer hotels and spas also. To make a booking click here for the website ⇒Villa Melanie. To learn more about the region, check out this website on Istria. This area of Croatia is completely different from the most popular tourist destinations and it is sure not to disappoint. Click here to browse Airbnbs in Split, Tchaikovsky Hostel — This hostel is a great option if your travelling solo or on a budget. Logé chez Renata, notre hôte Air Bnb, c’est la position idéale pour rayonner et découvrir la ville et ces alentour. It covers all of the main tourist highlights of Croatia with possible day-trip options to nearby national parks and beautiful islands. Hi Maggie, I have planned my visit to Croatia from 25th Feb to 02nd March 2020. Read "Road-Trip en 15 jours : Italie, Croatie et Corse ! We loved the labyrinth of steep back streets to find a hidden garden on our way to the fortress. Thanks for the comment, Frank! REI is a registered seller of travel in the following states: Washington (WST 578027004); Iowa (784); California (CST 2076080-50). To discover more about Split, and for day trips from Split click on the link to read more. When visiting Croatia, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a travel insurance policy so you’re covered for any unfortunate events! Of course, the highlight was the Diocletian Palace. Trogir was once under Venetian rule, so the architecture is stunning with its Cathedral of St Lawrence a UNESCO site. Click here to see their latest prices, Boutique Hotel Oasi â€” this small hotel is located very close to the beach and a short distance from central Pula. The Old City, Beaches and Islands of Split. The Paklenica National Park on our doorstep, a busy small seaside promenade, and history as an early Roman settlement, there was plenty of daily activity for us. Or take a ferry ride to Cavtat. You can check out what tours are on offer with Viator. Some people go to Croatia in January just to see Plitvice … Across the board, you will find accommodation prices to be a lot cheaper than in the more popular months, but some businesses may not be open in the middle of winter. Click here to see their latest prices, Not quite what you’re looking for? Maggie is a co-founder and writer for The World Was Here First. Especially since you only have 7 days, there are many more places to spend time in Croatia. Hi Apoorv, I have covered a week-long itinerary starting in Zagreb and ending in Dubrovnik as well as the average weather to expect above. For more information, see our privacy policy. Restaurant suggestion: Taverna Konoba near the entrance to Paklenica NP (great seafood platter), and Lucija for Pizza, Beer and casual dining on the seafront promenade. Our first Croatian road trip took us from Trieste, Italy through Croatia to Albania. One could easily spend months travelling throughout this Balkan nation and barely scratch the service but if you only have time for a 7 day Croatia itinerary, then there are a number of different routes you can take. If you are planning to visit Hungary or Slovenia, it’s easy to take a detour to Zagreb. 2 nights Bled. Only a 15-20 minute drive southeast from Dubrovnik’s old town is Konavle. They have a number of rooms on offer, a restaurant on site, and breakfast is included in the room rate. Not quite what you’re looking for? Even the rural and mountainous areas could be travelled at the designated speed. Starigrad Paklenica’s beautiful crystal clear sea attracted us to stay, and with its proximity to Zadar only 1-hour drive, a city we love, we decided to stay. I was interested in visiting Krka National Park as well. Explore the Istria Peninsula for Roman ruins, medieval towns, great beaches, and fertile plains for the gastronomy of food. Road trip 15 jours en Croatie. Because many people start and end their Croatia trips from different areas of the country (there are numerous airports that people will fly into, not just Zagreb! 2 nights Dubrovnik Alors partez en road-trip en Croatie ! Another thing to keep in mind is that most buses do charge to put luggage into hold — usually around €1-2. Driving ourselves allowed us to take some detours to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. If you are unsure of what are the best cities to visit when in Croatia, then you can learn more from our time in Zagreb, Zadar, and Split. We love the selection from this top branded car rental. This is not always the case and you will be turned away at the border if you don’t have the proper papers. Voyage en Croatie. Voyage en Italie. Who would imagine that one could sit here for an evening, sipping on a glass of wine, listening to music, on the steps laid here in 305AD? If heading to Istria doesn’t appeal to you but you want to head a little bit off the typical tourist trail, then follow this 7-Day Croatia itinerary. Dubrovnik is a well-known destination for Game of Thrones fans wanting to see the locations where the action was filmed. Hi Cindy, if you don’t want to feel rushed on the islands, then I would recommend spending a few days overnight on the ones that interest you rather than going on day trips. They have an incredibly friendly staff, great common areas that make it easy to meet other travellers and have both dorms and private rooms available. Pula has an international airport that serves a multitude of airlines and destinations but if you don’t arrive by plane, it is also well-connected by bus. Both easily accessible from Croatia. And to get an idea of day trips available, you can search and book online with Viator. We have been using CoverMore since 2016 for our worldwide travel insurance. Two days here should be enough. Croatia for me is Central Dalmatia and to a smaller extent, Istria. A friend told me that Plitvice Lake NP required 2days and to stay there a night. With no common language between us, we all knew there was something weird about this beautiful bay. How to Travel from Zagreb to Belgrade by Bus, Train & Car. Click here to browse other options in Zagreb. Thierry Titibike 26,902 views. A road trip through Croatia is one of the best ways to see the most of this wonderful country, and the experience will leave you wanting to see more. If you need a quote, then just click on the Ad below to take you to their website. While I’m the first person to say that a capital city isn’t necessarily reflective of a country on the whole, I’m not sure it’s right to say that it’s not the “real” Croatia. A small idyllic port with cafes and restaurants away from tourist crowds is the small town of Cavtat. So, if you want to take the road less travelled, take a look at this Istria itinerary: Days 1-3: Pula. The best thing for you to do is park your car, and journey through the city on a bike. For this road trip, the total distance is about 1000 kilometers with a total driving time of about 14 hours. Hi Pat, I would recommend flying into Zagreb and out of Dubrovnik (or vice versa) if you want to see a good portion of the country in 2 weeks. There is no other view so spectacular as arriving into Dubrovnik from the hillside. Click here to browse the best Airbnbs in Zagreb! Brac is closer to Split for beaches and restaurants. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay near Plitvice Lakes National Park, have a look at these suggestions: Falling Lakes Hostel — This is a great option for backpackers, budget and solo travellers who want a place near Plitvice Lakes. While we waited, we wandered the cobblestoned streets in the old city visiting the various famous buildings.  You can also take the cable car up to Srd Hill for views over Dubrovnik or if the queue is too long, there is a pathway to walk. On espère que notre itinéraire de 10 jours en Croatie … Instead of following the Classic Croatia Itinerary and heading directly to Split from Zagreb, we recommend you visit Zadar instead. We chose early October as it was still warm, the water temperature swimmable and at most places, fewer tour groups. With pleasant temperatures during the day in the mid-20s cooling off in the evening, sightseeing is a lot easier to enjoy. Seeing the picturesque seaside old town is an amazing view. Click here to browse other hotels in Plitvice Lakes! The hosts looked after us well and offered plenty of suggestions of what to see and where to eat. Rovinj is an absolutely beautiful seaside town in western Istria and boasts a number of interesting things to do. This is similar to the northern Croatia road trip itinerary we presented except that one … There are affiliate links in this article and if you do link through and accept, we may benefit as well at no extra cost to you. The weather usually stays very nice through October, though, depending on where you are in the country! Split, for us, was one of the cities in Croatia we enjoyed the most. Want to enjoy the coastal scenery without feeling rushed by a group boat. Check with the rental car company beforehand so you can curb and potential setbacks. BASIC OUTLINE: Drive to Plitvice National Park (330km). You could head to the towns of Å ibenik or Trogir, visit the beautiful Krka National Park, or even make a trip to one of the islands off the coast — enjoy the lavender fields of Hvar or the laid-back nature of Brac for a day! Having heard so much of Croatia, we decided to use our time to do a three-week road trip through Croatia to Albania. CoverMore is very easy to set-up online, and make it easy to liaise with them when organizing our online claims (we have had two trouble-free claims). To get closer, you will need to book an organized professional tour. Make sure to JOIN US to be inspired to travel. Spend one day exploring the Old Town and take the time to just let your feet wander and get lost. Ne ratez pas le rendez-vous de ce site d’exception durant vos 15 jours en Croatie. One has to account the time to get back to Zagreb. And remember to check if your home country requires an international driver’s license when booking. All major cities are well-connected by bus. Compact and criss-crossed by easy-to-use tram, Croatia’s capital has so much to see. We have been lucky enough to spend two extended periods in Croatia and have put together a Guide to Croatia for you to plan your perfect Croatian holiday. Alternatively, it is very easy to pick just one of these itineraries and expand from there.

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